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The Facts of Finance: Our New Blog

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We are particularly excited about launching this blog Financial Fact or Fiction as it coincides with a move to our new offices. We hope you will join us weekly for new posts and send us your questions which we will address in future posts.

Getting to the Truth

Our blog, Financial Fact or Fiction, builds on what we’ve learned and experienced working with people like you and aims to provide useful information in a clear and concise manner.

Inevitably at a gathering with friends or family, I am asked about something financial planning related. At one such event, I responded to questions on the mechanics of employee stock options, collecting Social Security at age 62 versus 70, the need for rental insurance, allowance for children and teenagers, and an “article” someone read in the Wall Street Journal about binary options and whether or not they were a good investment (it turns out the “article” was actually an advertisement in the weekend edition of the Journal). As a result of many similar discussions over the years, I have determined that it is often difficult to separate the fact from the fiction as it relates to financial matters. Therefore, this blog, Financial Fact or Fiction, will tackle various questions on all things related to financial planning with the goal of helping to separate fact from fiction. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback and ideas for other Financial Fact or Fiction posts.

About Us

Objective. Candid. Thoughtful. Those were and continue to be the primary drivers behind the creation and day-to-day of RW Financial Planning. We started this practice with a single focus, to provide objective, candid, and thoughtful planning advice without requiring clients to invest their funds with, or purchase products from, the firm.

Do you have questions around how to best save for the future, if you should pay off your mortgage, or whether or not to consolidate myriad accounts? Maybe you need an honest snapshot of your financial situation and a comprehensive strategy for building your future security. Or, perhaps you just need another opinion on a life insurance or investment proposal. We understand that for some of you, anything financial related is overwhelming, confusing, and frankly, not that much fun to think or talk about. While we don’t promise any magic solutions that will eliminate all of your financial concerns, we do commit to (i) providing you with a comfortable environment to share your financial and personal goals and ask questions (even the “dumb” ones) and (ii) formulating realistic action items specific to your situation which you can decide how and when to implement.

Who We Are

I’m Tammy Wener, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who loves what I do; whether it is walking a client through a detailed analysis of financial and estate planning topics, “nudging” clients forward with their plan, or providing an objective, third-party opinion. My goal is to make financial planning less intimidating and accessible for everyone, and in my attempt to further this mission, I hope to reach as many as possible (as you will see on my bio, I’ve been quoted in CNN Money and CNBC and appeared on ABC 7 Chicago).

My partner Larry Rivkin, is also the co-founder of Rivkin & Rivkin, LLC, a law firm concentrating in estate planning, estate and trust administration, planned charitable giving, and planning for children with special needs. Larry is highly regarded for his thoughtful approach to estate planning, uncanny knack to quickly identify issues, and ability to explain complicated topics in a manner that is easily understandable (not a skill all attorneys share).


Have a question about something financial related that you read or overheard at a party? Not sure if it is fact or fiction? Disagree with something I wrote? Send your question/comment to me and it will likely appear in a future post. Do you know someone who might be interested in this blog? If so, please use the social buttons to share, or forward to a friend!

AUTHOR - Tammy Wener

As co-founder of RW Financial Planning, Tammy oversees the financial planning process for all clients and manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. She truly enjoys getting to know her clients and is not shy about asking questions. Tammy has 15+ years of experience in the financial planning and estate planning fields and has worked with a broad range of clients including: couples simultaneously planning for financial independence, caring for their parents, and saving for college; newly widowed and divorced women looking to become more financially literate; young couples just starting out; families juggling the demands of a child with special needs; and financially independent individuals and couples exploring “what comes next.”