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How We Differ

RW Financial Planning is an independent financial planning firm founded by Larry Rivkin and Tammy Wener to provide objective, candid, and thoughtful  financial planning advice. With no agenda other than serving you, we listen closely to your goals and concerns and base our advice on your best interests, not on any prearranged product or solution. By working with us, you can be assured of:


Because we are not tied to any particular products or solutions, we think outside the box and present both conventional and unconventional alternatives.


We ask difficult questions and make recommendations that are direct and honest, whether they are ones you hope to hear or ones that challenge your inclinations.


We understand that, when making financial decisions, immediate goals sometimes conflict with future ones; we help you identify and balance these competing objectives.


Financial decisions reflect not only material goals but also values, and we encourage you to stay true to your values as you make your decisions.


We strive for ways to meet your financial goals with the least complexity and cost.


We provide you with tools to ask constructive questions, make informed decisions, and work with financial professionals in an educated way.

Uncompromising Ethics

We are committed to providing advice free of any conflict of interest.


We encourage you to determine the scope of our relationship.

Referrals to Other Professionals

Consistent with our approach and by design, our role is limited to providing objective, candid, and thoughtful financial planning advice. If you would benefit from the ongoing assistance of a professional investment manager, insurance advisor, accountant, or other financial professional, we can help you find and select one that best meets your needs.